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Covid-19 Information

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made changes to the way we operate in order to provide our tours safely within the government guidelines.

The following changes to our operating principles will be in action:

  1. All guests will be required to give contact details for at least one of their travelling group prior to the tour, for track and trace purposes. This can be name and address, email address or mobile phone number. We undertake to keep this information only for the required 14 days and to not use it, or pass it on for use, for any marketing or publicity purposes.
  2. Each group of guests will be required to maintain at least 1 metre, and where possible 2 metres, distant from other groups.
  3. Groups of no larger than 6 persons will be allowed unless they all live in a single household.
  4. We recommend wearing face masks on the tour, and our guides will be carrying disposable face masks for those who do not have them. We will also be carrying hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes.
  5. Our guides will wear face masks except during stops. It would be difficult to be heard while wearing the mask, and also it causes problems for those who are hard of hearing and require to see the guide’s mouth movements. During stops, when the guide is not wearing a mask, all guests are required to remain the full 2 metres distance from the guide.
  6. The tours will follow an “alternative” tour route avoiding the city walls. There will be no city wall section of the tour until such time we feel that suitable social distancing can be maintained in that area.
  7. All tour stops will be outdoors and in open areas where social distancing is easily maintained.

It is our belief that by instituting these changes, we will be operating within government guidelines and minimising the chances of Covid-19 transmission.

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