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Alan is the proprietor of White Rose York Tours. As well as performing all over the world as a stand-up comedian, he is also the author of several history books. He studied for a BA in English and Drama at University College, Dublin, and has previously been a tour guide in London and Edinburgh. He has also appeared on Mastermind and The Chase, where he defeated The Beast!

Although he has been variously described as looking like a pirate, a viking or one of the hairy bikers, you will find that he has an extensive knowledge of history and isn’t half as scary as he looks.



Dave asked to join the White Rose York team a few years ago, and when we met him we quickly realised that his knowledge of history is nothing short of phenomenal. A native of Leeds, Dave is Yorkshire through and through and if you let him he’ll talk your ears off about it.

Dave also works in the museum inside York Minster where he helps guests get the most out of their experience.



Jake grew up in the city of York and he quickly fell in love with all things history as a direct result of this (and also a little bit the influence of his father and a deep love of Star Wars). He went on to study history at Newcastle University before doing an Erasmus exchange semester in Stockholm.

He then did an MA in European Studies at KU Leuven in Belgium, before returning to York to carry out his duty to the city and give tours of his hometown to visitors. He hopes that by the end of his tours, you will be as in love with history as he is.



James started working as a tour guide in Edinburgh in 2011, and has now joined our team here in York. As well as specialising as a city guide for Edinburgh and York, James also takes bus tours around the UK, and teaches academic English at the University of York.


When he’s not working, you might find James exploring North Yorkshire, walking his whippet and playing in brass bands.



Alix is a historian who holds an MA in Ancient History and, far more importantly, a general interest in all periods of history. He is currently working towards yet another degree, and also works as a history tutor, both in a private capacity and also briefly teaching at a London university before moving to York to renew his studies.

He has a long association with the city of York; various parts of his family having lived here on and off for about three generations, and eventually, he decided there was nowhere he liked better and moved here permanently. This gives him both a resident’s and a tourist’s, perspective, as he was the latter and is now the former.



  1. Berni Hart says:

    Would like you to know how pleased we were with our tour with David on Sunday. His knowledge is impressive but it is his enthusiasm for his subject which makes him special. He suggested we leave a review on TripAdvisor if we were pleased with our tour, and I have just done that (you will find my review as ‘Sunseeker’) David’s tour was a perfect start to our short break in York – thank you.

  2. Katherine Jones says:

    Hi, we went on a tour hosted by David on Sat 31st Oct and were so impressed by his knowledge which was nothing sort of astounding. He has a real passion for his subject and what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. An incredible man and guide. Katherine & Dan

  3. Tania says:

    Our family had a fantastic tour with Alex 2 weeks ago. It was raining during the whole tour but Alex’s narrative was so captivating and fun that my husband and I and our children completely forgot about the rain and thoroughly enjoyed the walk.

  4. Citylife Nottingham says thanks you for the amazing tour in York last week! Looking forward to the next one!

  5. Markus & Sabine says:

    We loved it! Alan is so funny in teaching history on the ways though York. We really enjoyed our tour this June. We were not aware that the tour takes 3 hours, so may be you should inform about that for better planning, but it was worth every step and every minute! Great tour, great tourguide! Thank you!

  6. philip david waite says:

    What a fantastic character David is. Held me spellbound for nearly three hours. His knowledge is amazing & his boundless enthusiasm infectious. Regretably I felt I underchanged him & would very much like to reward him fully if this is acceptable. As a fellow Yorkshireman (& aged) we bantered a lot and I wished I could have gone on right through to the end, and beyond as he offered a further hour and a half !! I shall visit again & seek him out possibly in the Minster next time if you can’t help. “hee’s reet good yon Dave sithee !”

  7. Gijs van der Linden says:

    We enjoyed David’s tour the full 3 hours, he even asked if we would like to go on for another hour. If we hadn’t booked a table for dinner and if my feet weren’t killing me I would have accepted his offer. David is very enthusiastic, has a vast historical knowledge and a great sense of humor. Despite his yorkshire accent I had no problems understanding him (I’m Dutch). This 3 hour tour is highly recommended.

  8. Chris Murchie says:

    Absolutely fantastic tour, I would recommended this to anyone with an interest in the history of York. Alan made the tour exceptionally interesting and amusing. A must do for all visitors to this fascinating city.

  9. Christine Connor says:

    I have done 3 tours – one with Alan and two with Alix .All three were really good . Saw something different every time . My sister in law is coming from Peterborough for the day to do one with me in May .The tours are very informative . I don’t know how the guides remember all the facts and figures ! Mind boggling !

  10. Rebecca Webster says:

    We did a tour with David today. Unbelievable knowledge and we appreciated the fact that it was not at all rushed. In fact we could have soent all day with him before lunch beckoned. Would recommend

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